Visionary Jewelry and Hat Designs Made by Hand with Love in New York City

Bio Organic Jewelry Collection



A dark vision of interaction and impact of science and technology on human evolution permeates thebio mechanical collection. From Mary shelly’s Frankenstein , to the surreal visions of Giger. The combination of technology and organic life is an exploration of the macabre. Conventional adornment becomes a visionary exploration of biological and environmental apocalypse.



Unique jewelry designs hand crafted in Sterling Silver, Plated and distressed metals as well as organic materials. With inspiration drawn on futuristic design as well as symbols ancient and contemporary. the Aileyan Collection is an Avante Garde and eclectic mix of rings, hats, pendants bracelets and various accessories.


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Bio Embryonic Ring bh19.jpg

Bio Embryonic Ring

from 90.00
The Watcher Ring Watcher.jpg

The Watcher Ring

from 275.00
Altroth Ring bh33.jpg

Altroth Ring

from 160.00
Dominition Ring b29 2.jpg

Dominition Ring

from 125.00
Malachi Ring bh8.jpg

Malachi Ring

from 135.00
Baldor Ring bh6.jpg

Baldor Ring

from 135.00
Benthar Ring bh10.jpg

Benthar Ring

from 135.00
Bio Eye Ring bh16.jpg

Bio Eye Ring

from 90.00
Odeseus Ring bh5.jpg

Odeseus Ring

from 125.00
The Flow Ring bh27.jpg

The Flow Ring

from 135.00
Alcyone Ring bh26.jpg

Alcyone Ring

from 125.00
Bellatrix Ring Bellatrix.jpg

Bellatrix Ring

from 125.00
Embryonic Ring b27 1.jpg

Embryonic Ring

from 90.00
Krull Ring bh25.jpg

Krull Ring

from 125.00
Experimented on Ring bh28.jpg

Experimented on Ring

from 125.00
Gallastria Ring Gallastria Ring

Gallastria Ring

from 125.00
Kerchen Ring b25 2.jpg

Kerchen Ring

from 135.00
Polaris Ring bh15.jpg

Polaris Ring

from 135.00
Kindor  Ring bh29.jpg

Kindor Ring

from 125.00
Laxtor Ring bh102.jpg

Laxtor Ring

from 125.00
Lunor Ring b3.jpg

Lunor Ring

from 135.00
Ndna Ring bh24.jpg

Ndna Ring

from 90.00
Necrom Ring bh 4.jpg

Necrom Ring

from 160.00
Octavia Ring bh18.jpg

Octavia Ring

from 125.00
Phelema Ring bh12.jpg

Phelema Ring

from 135.00
Trapped Ring bh9.jpg

Trapped Ring

from 135.00
Spiro Ring bh11.jpg

Spiro Ring

from 125.00
Stacked Ring bh2.jpg

Stacked Ring

from 160.00
Twinze  Ring bh20.jpg

Twinze Ring

from 135.00