Visionary Jewelry and Hat Designs Made by Hand with Love in New York City


Unique jewelry designs hand crafted in Sterling Silver, Plated and distressed metals as well as organic materials. With inspiration drawn on futuristic design as well as symbols ancient and contemporary. the Aileyan Collection is an Avante Garde and eclectic mix of rings, hats, pendants bracelets and various accessories.




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Twistedlamb for Aileyan


Aileyan began as a concept encompassing diverse design themes united by the thought that all is nature.  The infinity of Space, time and the mini environment contained in a Drop of water. the Great spaces without ourselves and the space just as infinitesimal within ourselves. Nature is what exists before and around ourselves and the spaces beyond our planet. We perceive our world and draw inspiration from our environment and our imaginations. Searching for the greater intelligence that exists within ourselves and our world..  We find not opposition but a duality,  that creates balance. A duality evident within our selves in our environment,  further on spreading like ripples. Aileyan explores the duality of within and without, dark and light, Flowing perceptions of the world around us. We are not separate from the universe we inhabit,  we are all part of the whole.


Behind the Scenes Aileyan Lookbook