Visionary Jewelry and Hat Designs Made by Hand with Love in New York City
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Stone Elemental Jewelry

The Stone Elements collection combines detailed hand carved settings with natural stone cabochons . Organic forms are transformed into alien flora that become creative settings for semi precious stones. Imaginative Giger like tendrils and petals surround and grasp the handset stones.

 Unique jewelry designs hand crafted in Sterling Silver, Plated and distressed metals as well as organic materials. With inspiration drawn on futuristic design as well as symbols ancient and contemporary. the Aileyan Collection is an Avante Garde and eclectic mix of rings, hats, pendants bracelets and various accessories.

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Sagitta Ring h5.jpg

Sagitta Ring

from 135.00
palladius ring h13.jpg

Palladius Ring

from 135.00
 Linxai Ring h10.jpg

Linxai Ring

from 135.00
Rangor Ring h2.jpg

Rangor Ring

from 135.00
Sentai Ring h12.jpg

Sentai Ring

from 135.00
Daxus Ring h9.jpg

Daxus Ring

from 135.00
Fraza Ring h6.jpg

Fraza Ring

from 135.00
Hone Ring h7.jpg

Hone Ring

from 135.00
Pheceda Ring h8.jpg

Pheceda Ring

from 135.00
Acella Ring h3.jpg

Acella Ring

from 135.00
Signus Ring h11.jpg

Signus Ring

from 135.00
 Serpens Ring h1.jpg

Serpens Ring

from 135.00
Beltar Ring h14.jpg

Beltar Ring

from 135.00